The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season One [2021]

The Sex Lives of College Girls

The Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO Max was a pleasant surprise. A coming-of-age story that doesn’t shy away from the significant issues, problems, and concerns of college girls.

While the show doesn’t rewrite the syllabus for Anthropology 101, it excels gracefully as a warm-hearted romp on campus with stunning chemistry between its main cast. Bright, rowdy, and lots of fun, this sparkling series endears itself to us with fresh, funny writing, and a quartet of lovable female characters finding their way into young womanhood.

In fact, Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble might have made lightning in a bottle. The Sex Lives Of College Girls is funny, it’s honest, and it has a stellar ensemble cast that you don’t want to miss. Figuring out where you belong, or if you even want to belong, is a right of passage college will foist on you whether you like it or not. This show gives that truism the right sort of fizzy kick that makes it both entertaining to watch as well as very personal. It’s a rare TV show that really delves into the multifaceted and endlessly entertaining world of undergraduate shenanigans.

However, nothing is perfect. The show starts slow. AWFULLY slow. But after some initial hurdles, it does pick up steam to become very engaging, albeit one that still has significant room for growth. Here’s for a second season.

The Sex Lives of College Girls – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

The show is more about emotional feelings, fun and friendship, than it is about sex. The characters are fully drawn, and their antics offer rewarding entertainment. Can’t wait for the second season.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one and two of The Sex Lives of College Girls exclusively on HBO Max in USA and on Crave in Canada.