Hunters – Season Two [2023]

Hunters: Season 2 - Prime Video Canada January 2023

Hunters on Prime Video does the impossible. It tops its first season by playing with two timelines in an extremely clever way while unleashing the artistry of its amazing cast and writers.

In fact, Hunters is a show that contains multitudes. It will impact audiences in many ways because it’s a show that is at times absurd & at others harrowing. Yes, it’s bonkers, but that isn’t its weakness. If anything, the show is at its best when it gives in to its cartoonish absurdity.

Wrapping up a story in just two seasons is a big task, especially when you try to follow the twists and ending of the first season #NoSpoilers. With the second season, the series remains watchable, bloody, and often distasteful in its violent extremes. It’s a solid bloody show, if you’re in the mood for killing Nazis, no questions asked. I know I was.

If you thought the first season was good, get ready for a ride. Broken into two timelines, the second season balances telling the story on how the band was founded while pushing it forward and hunting the ultimate prize: Hitler.

As the cherry on top, the producers unleash the creativity of the writers, especially in the last two episodes. What feels as stuffing for some viewers turns out to be genius writing.

Yes, the show is not for everyone, but it certainly doesn’t deserve the mediocre reviews its getting. Educate yourself people.

Hunters – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

It’s a great second season and an even better series wrap up. Hunters is at its strongest when showcasing how characters process the guilt of a quest littered with bodies, guilty or not.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream both seasons of Hunters exclusively on Prime Video.