Invincible – Season One [2021]

Invincible - Series - Season One

Invincible is not your standard comic-book-turned-series. Yes, we’re talking about superheroes and villains, but theses ones are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

With an almost perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes (98% at the time of writing), I was intrigued. I love comic books adaptations, but they’re getting repetitive. However, this looked different, and it was.

With bold animation, bloody action, and an all-star cast, Invincible smartly adapts its source material without sacrificing its nuanced perspective on the price of superpowers. In fact, the animated show captures all the heart, humor, and brutality fans would like, while still being open to new audiences.

If you are interested in the show, keep in mind one thing. Invincible is not for the sensitive stomachs. And it knows it’s not. From the increasingly blood intro to the blood fueled fight scenes, the show can be considered “gruesome” for some.

To be honest, it’s not the most original superhero story. However, what it does different is the human aspect. Marvel and DC comics frame them as goods. In Invincible, they’re humans with superpowers. They make mistakes, get betrayed, have father issues, and kill people. They’re not as special as other superhero shows framed them to be, and I love it!

Invincible – Season One – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

This show is closer to Amazon’s The Boys then to Marvel’s MCU or DC Comics. You’ll see characters that are not afraid to kill, a teenager who gets betrayed by his dad, and blood. A lot of blood.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one of Invincible exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.