Jupiter’s Legacy – Season One [2021]

Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy feels like an obvious preface to what could have been a great new franchise for Netflix. Sadly, all the action scenes didn’t make for great tv in season one.

Despite some truly epic fights, Jupiter’s Legacy is simply too all over the place. It’s overstuffed and slow-moving to land any narrative punches. Mixing dysfunctional family dynamics with enhanced human protagonists, Jupiter’s Legacy takes a big swing and most of it. At its core, the series is about a dysfunctional group of friends and family that is trying to figure its position in the world. Past and present.

However, the show doesn’t have the manic or meanie flow that makes Amazon’s The Boys such an engaging watch. It doesn’t embrace the absurdity of HBO Max’s Doom Patrol, but it pays respect to its origins while trying to figure out what it wants to be next.

On the other side, it is impossible to overstate how much momentum the flashbacks, which are fully half of each episode, remove from the main narrative. Those flashback are even better than the main narrative most of the times, and they confuse the viewer way more than helping him. I frequently felt frustrated when the flashback switched to the main current story. The series also wastes a lot of time on plot lines that it can’t be bothered to follow through, or even explain why it’s so important.

Jupiter’s Legacy – Season One – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

It’s a new take on superheroes, but it’s not a great one. Season one feels like a preface to the actual show which we’ll see sometimes later this year. Hey Netflix, this is an exciting potential for a new franchise, but please get better at it!

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one of Jupiter’s Legacy exclusively on Netflix.