Kevin Can F Himself – Season One [2021]

Kevin Can F Himself

Too all the Kevins out there: * insert middle finger *. Kevin Can F himself is a very enjoyable dark comedy where Annie Murphy gets to plot her revenge on behalf of all the sitcom wives out there.

Whether they will ever admit it or not, this shows’ creators are taking a direct aim at the sitcoms that glorify the stupid husband over the smart and good-looking wife. It’s a direct aim at “Kevin Can Wait” starring Kevin James.

Kevin Can F… Himself is a dark comedy that alternates between traditional sitcom writing and art direction and single-camera drama. The series follows the journey of Allison McRoberts (Annie Murphy), a stereotypically smart and beautiful sitcom wife, who is married to Kevin, a husky, self-centered man-child who is clearly punching above his weight. After making a dark discovery, Allison teams up with neighbor Patty O’Connor as she attempts to escape the confines of her life and take control of her fate.

In fact, the show’s ambitious blend of genres doesn’t always gel. Some transitions felt too forced, others were pointless. However, searing social commentary and a stellar performance from Annie Murphy make for an engaging watch. On the other hand, by merging the two genres together, the show has some noticeably big shoes to fill. It has the potential to become not just one pointed parody but two: a take-down of toxic sitcoms and a spin on prestige, male-driven crime dramas.

Kevin Can F Himself – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Renewed for a second season, the show is a new take on mixing drama and comedy. Yes, it needs some tidying up, but I honestly can’t wait to see how Allison will get her revenge.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one of Kevin Can F Himself exclusively on AMC+ in USA and in Canada via AMC+ Channel on Amazon Prime Video.