Knuckles – Limited Series Review [2024] on Paramount Plus

Knuckles - Paramount+ Canada April 2024

Knuckles, the limited series on Paramount Plus, doesn’t take itself seriously. And that’s a good thing because it made it super fun to watch.

Pitched as a follow up to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and a prequel to the third Sonic movie, the limited series focuses on the newest member of the franchise and his struggles to settle in his new home.

Sounds wild for a series, right? However, even when things go ridiculously bezerk and very game like, the show still felt a bit grounded thanks to the Knuckles human connection to deputy Wade Whipple. Our titular character takes it on himself to teach the under-estimated depute the techniques of the Echidna warrior. The outcome? They both learn something new about friendship, family, and the power within.

In fact, Paramount was super smart with this show. In their quest to develop a Sonic universe, they could have gone the Marvel Studios way and messed it up. Instead, what could have been a drawn-out movie with a lower budget is instead an absurdly hilarious adventure that adds more depth to a pair of established characters.

I don’t want a second season, but i wouldn’t mind another limited series centered around yet another character.

Knuckles – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

This is a fun, light show that has just enough edge to keep parents engaged, but is completely suitable for the whole family. Game funs will love it!

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream Knuckles and both Sonic movies exclusively on Paramount+.