Lost In Space – Season 3 [2021]

Lost In Space - Season 3

Lost In Space finds its groove again with its final installment after a lackluster second season.

Trust, Will Robinson! That’s the mantra of the third and final season and it delivers. As much as the story felt lost in season two (pun intended), Netflix’s Lost In Space gets its act together for the final mission.

I never watched the original show, nor the movie from the 2000s. But when Netflix released the first season of their updated version, I was intrigued. Two seasons later, it was one of my favorite shows despite the multiple missteps of the second one. Thankfully, the show redeemed itself with the biggest Star Trek inspired swing that won me back.

However, that doesn’t mean that the season is perfect. Previous criticisms of the show exist in season 3. It still suffers from a writing problem with convoluted direction from scene to scene. However, at this point, we are so warmed by character development that it can be forgiven that the topsy turvy approach still exists. The final season attempts to hammer as many plot points as possible, which is never the ideal approach when riding out a story, as it means squashing in as many answers for the finale.

Don & Debbie - Lost In Space
Don & Debbie – Lost In Space

Drama and story aside, I wanted to see more of Ron and Debbie. They were the stars of the first two seasons, and they deserved more screen time.

Lost In Space – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Season 3 is a warm farewell in the best way. It doesn’t leave a sour taste in the ending and gives the fans a conclusive goodbye. That’s what audiences always want, something to hold on to.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of Lost In Space exclusively on Netflix.