Love, Death & Robots – Volume 2 [2021]

Love, Death & Robots - Volume 2

Mainly focused on animated shorts, Volume 2 of Love, Death & Robots takes what worked from the first installment and cranks it up to 100. Mostly.

As the title suggests, Love, Death & Robots doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it allows that wheel to take over humanity and ignite a robot apocalypse, especially in the first episode. However, the last episode, as heartbreaking as it is, shows the extent of how humans can be derived on humanity.

Though its narrative reach and explorative curiosity have been lessened in this volume, the show still makes for a tremendously entertaining watch, albeit a very, very short one. (18 episodes for Volume 1, 8 for the second). Thankfully, the shorts in volume 2 are less edgy and violent. They trade in gratuitous nudity and gore for poignant storytelling. It’s more mature this time around and less messed-up, which makes for stronger viewing.

In some cases, I had to look hard, like really hard, to figure out if it’s live action or animation. And believe me, you’ll go thru every style of animation while watching. It’s a stunning testament to adult animation, the depth of story it can tell, and nails exactly how to craft an anthology series.

Lastly, “Automated Customer Service” and “Ice” are my favorite episodes from this volume. Thank you, Netflix, for empowering creatives to go creative and try new things.

Love, Death & Robots – Volume 2 – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Love, Death & Robots is a must watch as far as I’m concerned. Even though Volume 2 is shorter than the first one and mainly focusing on animated shorts, it’s still creativity at its best.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Love, Death & Robots – Volume 2 exclusively on Netflix.