Love Death & Robots – Volume 3 [2022]

Love Death & Robots

Volume 3 of Love Death & Robots has impressive CG animation, but lacks when it comes to the stories featured.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the format? It started with Volume 2 last year, the show which features animated shows about well, love, death and robots, started focusing more on the craftsmanship in the animation department and less on the stories themselves. And no, I’m not diminishing the work of the writers.

In fact, this new volume continues to push the boundaries of animated anthologies, with a collection of studios delivering some twisted sci-fi and horror tales. I really hated some episodes, and loved others. That’s the true meaning of a good show. However, If your viewers needs to rewatch something multiple times, and then go online to try to understand it, it’s not a great story.

While this collection of nine episodes is likely the weakest of the bunch to date, there’s still much to marvel at both in terms of its provocative storytelling and especially the diverse, alluring animation on offer throughout. And I’m using “weakest” in its loosest meaning. The stories are great. Some aren’t even dystopian enough and felt like a National Geographic documentary from 2030 or 2040. That’s how great the writer’s imagination is.

However, others felt like someone went on an Acid trip, came up with a concept that no one understood, and the producers approved it to reach a quota.

I expect better from this show.

Love Death & Robots – Season 3 – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Love, Death + Robots is one of the best things Netflix has ever allowed to happen. However, the show needs a refresh if they get renewed.

Where can I watch it?

You can all episodes of Love Death & Robots exclusively on Netflix.