Love In The Time Of Corona [2020]

Love In The Times Of Corona

Love in the Time of Corona is surprisingly welcome comfort viewing. It’s short, sweet, authentic, and very contemporary. And as a single guy, I feel seen.

From the title of the show, you can easily figure it out: How would people navigate relationships during the quarantine?

Thing is, more than a full year into the pandemic, multiple shows and movies already aired about every single scenario. But Love in the Time of Corona is doing something different.

Four interwoven stories about the search for love and connection during a time of quarantine. It explores exactly what it says in the title.

The limited series does not deal with politics or epidemiology, and no characters have direct interaction with the virus or anyone who has had it. This is about nothing more or less than human connection; the relationships that consume our minds and hearts no matter the state of the world.

  • How would you navigate your relationship with your best friend when they admit (or think) that they’re in love with you?
  • How do you tell your daughter that you’re separated from your wife while the world is falling apart?
  • How would you deal with dementia when you can’t hug your partner who’s in a care home?
  • How would you navigate having a new child during a pandemic and the racial tensions around you?

Yes, you could argue that each of those questions deserves its own show (or movie) but that’s the thing. This show doesn’t claim that it’s trying to change the minds of the masses or even cares about doing that.

Love In The Time Of Corona – Trailer

Should you watch it?

It would be normal to approach this show with trepidation, wary of how it will address the pandemic and if it will feel forced. But this show felt different. Maybe because it’s reflecting our new reality? I’m not sure. But it’s an easy and quick watch if you’re looking for something different.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Love In The Time Of Corona on Disney+ Canada.