Love, Victor – Season 1 [2020]

Love, Victor Poster

Being a spin-off from Love, Simon, Love, Victor takes what made the movie great and successfully sprinkles some Disney coming of age teenage drama onto it. Can’t wait for season two.

If anything, Hulu and Disney managed to make the series more inclusive than the movie. Simon is still there, but the main character is Victor, an American Hispanic boy trying to discover himself and where he fits in the world. The cast is truly diverse.

However, this is not the only reason I wanted to watch the show on Disney+ Star, which added it almost 9 months after it first aired on Hulu.

Love, Victor uses the teenage-self-discover and sexual orientation from the movie and adds a layer of teenage drama to it. Victor’s family just moved to a new city after his mother was caught cheating on his dad. New school, new friends and family drama. You could see Victor evolving from a shy child wanting to make his parents happy to developing that confidence and starting to find himself. Oh, and the season ends on a cliffhanger that we don’t discuss! #NoSpoilers.

Can’t wait for season two! And hey Disney, for those who don’t have Hulu and live outside USA, don’t make us wait another 9 months.

Love, Victor – Official Trailer

Should you watch it?

I watched the show because the trailer gave me nostalgia to when I used to watch Lizzie Mcguire and That’s So Raven on Disney Channel. It has the same vibe, but so much deeper.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one of Love, Victor exclusively Hulu in USA, and on Disney+ everywhere else. Season 2 is coming shortly on June 11th 2021.