Love, Victor – Season 3 [2022]

Love, Victor - Season 3

Even though season 3 of Love Victor feels a bit rushed, the show manages once again to capture the complexity of relationships at such a young age.

In fact, the show starring Michael Cimino & George Sear continues combining complex themes with its feel-good vibe, culminating in a worthy send-off. Especially when you consider that they basically extended the universe in the last season with the lovely Anthony Keyvan as Rahim.

The third and final season “Love, Victor” brings the story of Victor Salazar’s queer coming-of-age full circle, literally. While at its heart the show remains a romantic comedy, it also finally embraces the artistic freedom to truly explore his sexuality with things every queer person knows that it’s part of growing up.

Some viewers would say that this final season feels a bit unfocused and it muddles things a bit. I have to disagree. The second season expanded the universe with clear hopes of running for longer. Sadly, Disney/Hulu decided to cut it short. As a result, this final season had a lot of plots to finalize. That’s why it feels a bit rushed.

Due to the extended cast…with a number of established storylines to satisfyingly wrap up…the eight-episode instalment does feel a little overstuffed. Maybe a 10 episodes final season would have done a better job closing out this high school drama? Especially when you consider Benji’s storyline this season.

Love, Victor – Season 3 – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

The series that brought normalcy and vital representation to the gay community ends its run in fine form. This is a touching and fitting send-off for the hit, inclusive teen drama.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of Love, Victor exclusively on Hulu & Disney Plus.