Lucifer – Season 5 [2021]

Lucifer Season 5

Tom Ellis blessed our screens with another season of Lucifer. And as much as I love seeing the devil back for another round, season five felt a bit unbalanced if not forced.

For whatever reason, Netflix decided to release this season, which was supposed to be the final one, in two parts. Add to it the fact that Lucifer was renewed out of nowhere between both parts, and you’ll have a fairly good idea why season five feels more like two different seasons.

First, let’s talk about Part 1. It was weird seeing Ellis playing two characters (Lucifer and his brother Michael) because there wasn’t a clear differentiation between both, but the plot is genius! Without any spoilers, and knowing where we left Lucifer last season, you get a revengeful, yet somehow ignorant, devil who’s out to get his girl back. Insert “The detective”.

Thankfully, the first half of the season gets a great ending! The brotherly duel ends up being interrupted by their father, God. Yes, THAT ONE.

Moving on to the second part, and this is where I have some of the biggest issues with the show since its inception. Even with the bad second season.

Running at eight episodes, two of those are clearly a filler. From the musical episode who looks directed and written by an amateur, to the “prank” episode on “Detective Douche”. Both episodes don’t really do much to the bigger plan of the season even if they minimally moved some characters plots. I wouldn’t have commented on those episodes if it were Lucifer back with twenty-four episodes per season. But this is Netflix.

In addition, this season wraps up with an actual ending to all characters. Lucifer is God, Chloe & Dan get their ending as well as Mazikeen & Amenadiel. The only main character with a story wraps up is Dr. Linda.

We’ve seen Lucifer land on earth, find love, lose love, get tricked by Eve, meet both of his parents on earth, go back to rule Hell and now as God. So, what’s next? Do we really need another “final” season?

Lucifer – Season 5 – Part 2 – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

If you love Lucifer, Season 5 is a must watch. As much as I am not a fan of the second half of the season, the first half makes up for any issues with this installment. However, I can’t say that I’m excited for another “final” season. Let’s just wrap it up Netflix!

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season five of Lucifer exclusively on Netflix and you can check the review of the 6th and final season here.