Lupin – Season 1 – Part 1 [2021]

Lupin series Netflix 2021

Assane (Omar Sy) in “Lupin” is the “superman” of the series. Holding it all together. French actors always impress me.

Both the series and the character of Assane Diop (Omar Sy) are inspired from “Arsene Lupin”, a gentlemen thief created in 1905 by French author Maurice Leblanc. Having read the book, I can say that the series is a true homage, very well done, that does the book justice.

Assane is seeking revenge from a wealthy business man Pellegrini, whom Assane blames for his father’s death.

We develop an emotional connection with Assane, with the help of the back and forth to his childhood.  We find ourselves rooting for him knowing that he’s a thief. Noting that the heartfelt performance of the actor who plays young Assane, helps us connect with the adult one.

In fact, the fractured narrative of Lupin could easily get confusing to some.  In the first 4 episodes, the visuals gradually reveal the story, leading to no resolution in the fifth and last episode of this season. It was frustrating on one side but brilliant on the other since the cliffhanger will make me wait for the upcoming season. I just felt that I needed one more clue to be resolved for it will be disappointing if the information is not addressed in the next season.

Co-directed by Louis Leterrier (the director of “now you see me”), Lupin is entertaining. It’s not the kind of series that blows you away with its cinematic experience. Although it is very well shot but it’s just entertaining.

P.S: (based on reviews I read) the English dubbed version is a disaster, so it is recommended to watch it in French with English subtitles.

Lupin – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Lupin is the kind of series that you enjoy binging during a weekend. Netflix announced that part 2 of Lupin will be launched in summer 2021. (Review here)

Where can I watch it?

Lupin is Available on Netflix internationally.


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