Making The Cut – Season 2 [2021]

Making The Cut - Season Two

Making The Cut was not made for pandemic times, but Amazon still managed to produce a decent season. Even if it’s not a great as the first one.

From the beginning, I must admit that I loved season 1, even if I don’t agree on some of the choices made by the judges. But how can you get made of Naomi Campbell? It’s just impossible.

And while a lot has changed for this second outing, a pandemic to begin with, the DNA remains the same. Trying to work around COVID travel restrictions (remember, each two episodes of season one happens in a different country), the biggest, and most immediate difference is the locations.

Through the eight episodes of season 2, all the construction and competitions are held on a ranch in Malibu, California. Even down to the fabric shopping, the show stays in this one place. There are a few excursions off the ranch, but they are exceedingly rare, and it’s clear they are heavily controlled. No crowds, lots of masks.

Even with those obstacles, the show found creative ways to change up the runway shows from bringing in a carnival, to erecting a mini-drive-in thanks to all that Amazon money.

Now let’s get to business.

Thankfully, those odd Tim & Heidi vignettes where they would go on some little adventures are gone. They were weird and annoying. The mentions of Amazon and brand product placements are still throughout the episodes as one would expect, but they doubled this time around to the point where I got repulsed in one of the episodes.

On the other hand, the only returning judge is Klum. Newcomers are Jeremy Scott and Winnie Harlow. As far as I’m concerned, they couldn’t fill the gap left by Miss Naomi Campbell.

How is the competition this season? Saying unfair is an understatement. Some decisions had nothing to do with fasion and everything to do with making Amazon some cash. If you think this is a fashion show, you’re wrong. It’s all about how can we monetize this shirt or pants.

Making The Cut – Season Two
Should you watch it?

Fashion during a pandemic is hard. Even if Season 2 of Making The Cut tried to work around that, some shortcomings are too obvious especially when you compare it to the extravagant first season.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one and two of Making The Cut exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.