WandaVision [2021]


Now that Disney+ aired the final episode, we can finally say it. WandaVision is a bold move by Marvel Studios to set up the next phase of the MCU in the most unexpected way. Sitcoms as therapy.

Even if you’re not a comic book fan, or haven’t seen any MCU movie, this 9 episodes (almost 6 hours) show has something for you!

WandaVision start with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) living their lovely suburban life via a 1950s sitcom filter, then 1960s, then 1970s… and so on.

Marvel also brought back fan favorites from previous MCU properties. Kat Dennings is back as Dr Darcy Lewis from the first Thor movies (she’s my favorite, so she’s first!), Randall Park as Jimmy Woo from Ant Man and the Wasp, and a grown-up Monica Rambeau from Captain Marvel, played by Teyonah Parris.

Being a Marvel Studios fan, the start was a bit slow…if not weird. We all know that Vision dies in Avengers: Infinity War… So how did he get here? What’s going on?! The fans (including myself) had a lot of questions.

But patience pays off!

By the time you get to episode 4, you’ll start connecting the dots. And in pure Marvel Studios fashion, the show keeps picking up. More reveals, more questions, more fight scenes, and more heartbreaking scenes.

For the avid fans, WandaVision might not satisfy all their assumptions because it’s not based on a single comic book run. Imagine this: House Of M mixed with Avengers Disassembled and The Vision. Bake for 9 episodes and then sprinkle some West-Coast Avengers on top.

Get it?

Kathryn Hahn

Did you think we forgot to mention the nosy neighbor? Kathryn Hahn playing Agnes gets her own mention. Other than the titular characters, Kathryn has her own little show going on while holding the whole thing on her shady shoulders. Give her an Emmy or something!

WandaVision – Trailer – Disney+

Should you watch it?

Starting a new MCU phase is a big task, and WandaVision is up for it! Taking hints from previous MCU project, the miniseries is mostly a self-contained superhero drama sitcom about processing grief, love, knowing yourself, and the cost of being responsible for your actions.

Yes, we skipped mentioning some major events in the show, but we wanted a spoiler free review for fans and newcomers to the Marvel Studios world.

Marvel Studios delivers once again! So yes, you should definitely watch it.

Where can I watch it?

WandaVision is available exclusively on Disney+.