Marvel Studios’ What If…? – Season Two [2023]

Marvel Studios’ What If…? – Season Two

Season two of What If… spices things up a bit while keeping the main theme going. With great highs and limited lows, it’s a good show for binge watching.

For its second installment, Marvel Studios chose to get one episode daily instead of the usual once a week. To be honest, I found that to be strange, pun intended, but that ended up working great mainly because of the mostly interconnected nature of this season.

It takes a bit of time to find its rhythm, but once it does, it features some of Marvel’s most fascinating new stories, and enough surprising cameos to make it feel like the MCU’s Multiverse saga might still stick the landing. In fact, the first 4 episodes take their inspiration from famous movies: Blade Runner, Max Max and Die Hard.

Once you get over the fun but cheesy episodes, the pivotal moment for me was episode six. Marvel took a big swing by introducing a new character with a very political story. However, the episode turned out to be my absolute favorite this season especially since it’s fully in Mohawk language.

In addition, the team behind What If took the time to tell the stories that the main MCU ruined or fast tracked. I loved seeing Cate Blanchett back as Hela getting her redeeming story and kicking ass, and we finally got to see Odin for what he truly is: An Asshole.

Marvel Studios’ What If…? – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Thankfully, What If…? isn’t all that concerned with the big picture. It’s created its own arcs and stakes in this animated multiverse, similar to what Loki did. And if this is the end, What If…? leaves its story in a good place once all is said and done. #NoSpoilers

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream both seasons of Marvel Studios’ What If…? exclusively on Disney+ everywhere.