Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – Season One [2023] on AppleTV+

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - Season One [2023] on AppleTV+

Legacy of Monsters very quickly became a guilty sin. The show is based on the movies but deviates into a human story which happens to have monsters.

When it works, it works. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters makes the majority of the shots that it takes. Despite giving in to the tropes of what makes a kaiju watch satisfying, the Apple TV+ show expands its canvas to make this a meaningful addition to the MonsterVerse franchise.

Thing is, even if you ignore the existence of Titans in this MonsterVerse, the show is still a good series about two siblings uncovering their family’s secrets and lies, as well as their links to a secret organisation.

In fact, I am not the biggest fan of the movies. It’s just too much without any substance. I prefer Godzilla Minus One over any of its Hollywood counter-parts. However, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is world building done right. It’s am ambitious project that is fun, but also doing a lot of heavy lifting cleaning up some mess from the movies, and connecting them.

Yes, sometimes, the series buckles under the weight of its massive ensemble, but it ultimately succeeds in expanding the Monsterverse’s lore, Titans, and future. Can’t wait for season two!

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Let’s be honest, we’re all tired of spin-offs. But when a performance by father-son duo Kurt and Wyatt Russell works like a charm, you get easily looped in. Monarch adds a welcome wrinkle to the Godzilla legacy by honing its monstrous scope to a very human level.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream Monarch: Legacy of Monsters exclusively on Apple TV+.