Moon Knight – Limited Series [2022]

Marvel Studios' Moon Knight

Moon Knight might be the most twisted and fun Marvel Studios project ever. And it’s all thanks to the chemistry between Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke and one Egyptian god.

Let’s be honest, we all knew that Oscar Isaac is a tour de force. However, I was really surprised, amazing and glad he’s the chosen Moon Knight when he started churning in top-tier performances as both Marc Spector and Steven Grant.

Yes, the show’s tone, plot and content might be unfamiliar territory for much of the Marvel movie-loving audience, but thanks to Isaacs heartbreaking characterizations, the unconventional premise and disjointed story breaks make it feel grounded.

With this show, Marvel Studios managed to give us a seductively dark series that balances being both eerie and shadowy and full of hijinks. In addition, representation matters. Fans from the Arab world, like myself, can see their universe in Marvel now.

I’m not Egyptian, but I identify with a lot of what’s going on here. Thanks to Director Mohamed Diab, you get a more authentic look at Egypt and Cairo. A better look like you’ve ever seen in a blockbuster production. Plus, it helps when the music is one you grew up with. Yes, it’s a remix (obviously), but that doesn’t matter.

Finally, get ready to doubt every single assumption you had until the last minute of the last episode’s post-credits scene. Not knowing what’s real and what’s illusion is a staple of the Moon Knight comics, and I’m glad we got to see it here.

And as Steven would say to the “Hippoooo!”: “Laterz Gators!”

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Moon Knight takes its time to unravel, and I respect the heck out of it for that. You won’t see any of the twists and turns coming your way and that’s a good thing.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight exclusively on Disney+ everywhere.