Only Murders in the Building – Season Two [2022]

Only Murders in the Building

Meticulously crafted, Only Murders in the Building gets even better in this second season. So, Who Killed Bunny?

In fact, Only Murders in the Building is a prime example of what you get when you cast three talented performers and give them top-notch writing. This show is as funny as it is fun, and I had more fun with season two than I did with the first. One of the more unique comedies on the box.

However, the individual glimpses behind each character in this season gives the show its heart, allowing us to care, as well as laugh, even at the dark subject matter. Plot takes a back seat to new characters and guest stars and a series of ironic (and iconic) riffs on TV stardom and New York pop culture. But it really doesn’t matter. Martin, Short and Gomez are so good you are simply happy to spend time hanging out with them.

Yes, the show remains a story about murder that glorifies true crime podcasters. But it is also refreshingly honest about a burgeoning industry’s nosiness and penchant for exploitation.

And yes, we all feel like Mabel. You’ve got to be F*** kidding me!

Should you watch it?

The show builds up on the success on season 1 and extends the universe in a very organic way while giving its trio of stars all the time to shine. A must watch. Even my mom likes it.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Only Murders in the Building exclusively on Hulu in USA and on Disney+ everywhere else.