Rabbit Hole – Season One [2023] on Paramount+

Rabbit Hole: Season 1 - Prime Video Canada March 2023

Rabbit Hole on Paramount+ has a LOT of potential. 24 meets CSI. Even though season one felt a little underbaked, fans of 24 will enjoy the return of Kiefer Sutherland.

You never know what’s really going on. From getting framed all the way to framing, Sutherland is certainly giving 24 (the original series) vibes. Intentional, but I certainly didn’t mind it.

The mystery starts right from the first couple of minutes. A strong supporting cast and the introduction of Weir’s (Sutherland) troubled past flesh out the story, bolstering the action with psychological intrigue.

In addition, creators Glenn Ficarra & John Requa made a very smart decision in baking the current political events deep into the spy drama while giving us, the viewers, a breather using some flashbacks. Those flashbacks served as a breather as well as filling some gaps.

However, I just wish the show were ten episodes instead of 8. It would have given the producers enough time to flesh out some sub-plots instead of rushing them and leaving us, the viewers, unsatisfied.

Rushing aside, the show has many onion-like layers to be unpeeled, but already it’s an addictive ride.

Rabbit Hole – Season One – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Although Rabbit Hole tumbles into one twist too many, Kiefer Sutherland remains compelling in his welcome return to the genre. Gimme season two!

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Rabbit Hole exclusively on Paramount+.