Ramy – Season Three [2022]


Ramy takes a very real, and sometimes dark, turn in season three. It made the show even better, even though it was already great.

In fact, this might be the best, most fascinating season yet. As a show rooted in American-Middle Eastern culture, you wouldn’t expect the issues creator, writer, and star Ramy Youssef treats in this season of Hulu’s series. Youssef deals with tricky topics that American shows usually skirt, even the streaming ones.

Even if we put the religious aspect aside, the show’s third season has a lot of important social commentary: From abortion and Palestine, all the way to immigrants and fitting in a new society. The added bonus? A show that’s actually funny even when it feels bleak.

Youssef and his writer’s room don’t shy away from putting their characters in uncomfortable and unlikeable situations in which their true colors are revealed, but they still imbue them with enough humanity. If anything, tt takes incredible confidence to go to the kinds of tricky emotional places that Ramy likes to live in. And if the show can at times feel deeply uncomfortable, the payoffs are inevitably worth it.

Can’t wait for another season! 🤌🏻🫰🏻.

Ramy – Season 3 – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

One crisis after the other, season 3 takes a dark and very real turn while keeping its core as a social commentary with lots of heart and smiles. It’s full of misery with bubbles of hilarity in a complex exploration of character and family.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of Ramy exclusively on Hulu in USA and on Starz in Canada via Crave or Prime Video.