Salon Zahra – صالون زهرة – Season One [2021]

Salon Zahra - صالون زهرة

Salon Zahra represents the new wave of Lebanese series. Funny with a cause (that is not war), visually fresh, and certainly well produced.

Starring Nadine Nassib Njeim & Moatasem Al-Nahar, director Joe Bou Eid did a fantastic job getting out of the clichés and into the sweet spot of television.

As someone who grew with middle eastern television, I didn’t have much hope, or expectations. However, this show rose to the occasion and shattered it. A social commentary wrapped in a comedy with half a dozen very well-developed storylines: From the single women raising a child, to the unwed pregnancy all the way to controlling parents. The show has it all.

But it won’t be a Lebanese series without some issues. Even though I already know that there’s a second season, I was a bit bothered in how they wrapped up the events in the last episode. It felt like the writers remembered that they have a finale to write, and they decided to rush everything. I wish that the show was slightly better paced since some episodes were too short with enough scenes from previous episodes to fill out an entire one.

Salon Zahra – صالون زهرة – Promo
Should you watch it?

Definitely. A fun and charming show with lots of characters and a message. Plus, it helps that Zahra is a meme generator on her own. Can’t wait to watch the second season.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Salon Zahra – صالون زهرة exclusively on Shahid.