Schitt’s Creek [2015-2020]

My Dear “Be-be”s, give Schitt’s Creek a chance! It keeps on getting better!

Please don’t end! I want more! Those were my exact words after watching the final season.

Schitt’s creek, a pure Canadian show, (of six seasons) tackles the story of “the Rose” family, (Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis) who went from cash rich to bankrupt overnight. Moving to the new town Schitt’s creek, they must deal with their new lifestyle, entourage, and new habits.

I must admit it, the first season was a bit off. But the show improves with time, all the characters evolve differently, without becoming “cheesy” or “deja-vu”.

Written by both, Eugene Levi and his son Daniel, each episode’s main plot is revealed in the first couple of minutes. It has no time for “fillers”. Catherine O’Hara’s performance gets funkier every season. Personally, the best character evolution on the show is Alexis (Annie Murphy).

The show is about unconditional love, acceptance, with all the craziness going around (In its literal meaning), the family bond grows revealing more of the characters’ past lives and experiences.

Schitt’s Creek – Pop TV Trailer

Should you watch it?

Hell Yeah! If you’re looking for some comedy binging mixed with emotions, the series is “simply the best”.

Where can I watch it?

This show is on Prime Video, Netflix, CBC Gem (Canada), and POP TV (USA)