Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season Two [2021]

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Animation is proving to be a bonus for Star Trek: Lower Decks with season two instead of it being a hinderance.

Starting with the first season, Star Trek: Lower Decks almost instantly captured the essence of why so many people love Trek in general: It’s the unique combination of likable characters, who are good people, doing “sci-fi stuff.”

However, the second season proved to be a noticeably confident improvement. The producers of this show clearly have the weird ability to bring in new elements and keep the core in place is a key part of a strong Trek show, as the blending of the work-place drama and the anthology series is a large part of the franchise’s continued drawing power.

It’s the big and intricate details. From the interpersonal relationships between the crew (especially Becket voiced by Tawny Newsome and Boimler voiced by Jack Quaid) to the cameos that will get every Trek fan rejoice. No, we’re not sharing the details here, you’ll have to watch the show.

For as much as my love for Trek permeates this show, it’s clear to me that Lower Decks really has begun to come into its own with its own characters and its own unique spin on what makes a story work in this vision for the 24th century. Plus, it helps that the show continues to balance groove with even more confidence in mixing comedy with away mission hijinks and character progression.

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Season two of Lower Decks brings even more Trek in amazing animation without the limitations of live action. The producers know it as they grace us with amazing cameos from Trek past, mixed with a peak Trek story and cliffhanger like no other. Can’t wait for the next one!

Where can I watch it?

You can stream both seasons of Star Trek: Lower Decks on Paramount+ in USA and Crave in Canada.