Ted Lasso – Season Two [2021]

Ted Lasso - Season two

Season two of Apple TV Plus’ Ted Lasso picks up right where the first ended with fewer gimmicks and a lot more character development and real stories.

I’m happy to report that the producers of Ted Lasso took the pitfalls of the first season into consideration and evolved this comedy show into its second season with lots of substance. Plus, they still managed to keep most of the good elements that made the first season super fun to watch.

Picking up a couple of months after the relegation at the end of season one, the team is facing multiple obstacles in their football season. However, instead of the stereotypes from the first installment, we get to see our fan favorites deal with trauma, breakup, family ties and expectations, environmental activism, and mental health.

The heart of the show is Sudeikis, whose performance anchors Ted Lasso. Even when the season slows down a bit, Sudeikis’ vulnerability is touching, without ever being mawkish. His performance isn’t just likable this time around, it’s lovable.

Each subject was treated in an effective way while pushing the viewers to connect with each character. To be honest, this season defied my expectations in a wonderful way. I am finally excited for the future of the show.

Ted Lasso – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

As comforting as a buttery biscuit from a friend, Ted Lasso second outing is a feel-good triumph that plays into the show’s strengths while giving its supporting team more time on the pitch. Except for Nate. He can go to hell.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Ted Lasso exclusively on Apple TV+.