The Big Conn – Documentary Series [2022] on AppleTV+

The Big Conn - Documentary Series [2022] on AppleTV+

The Big Conn will make you question reality. The story is too crazy to be real, but it sadly is. Real footage and first party testimonies included.

In the four-part docuseries, directors James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte examine the scandal that brought Eric C Conn down. Long story short, it’s the story of a bad lawyer and a very permissive judge who ended up pushing through fraudulent disability claims that cost Social Security in the $500 million range. Conn might have gotten away with the fraud, too, if it weren’t for two whistleblowers working for the SSA, Sarah Carver and Jennifer Griffith, and Wall Street Journal reporter Damian Paletta.

The story is too crazy to sound real, and it has more action, twists, and turns than a Marvel movie. Marrying over 17 women, telling congress to F*** off, running away from bail and much more.

However, there are many layers to the Eric Conn case. Each episode takes a different lens to the drama and events. And in the middle of it all are the Appalachia folks that are truly disabled and still fighting to get their disability back because of the bad lawyer, doctor and judge.

The Big Conn – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

Most true crime docuseries feel like they are two-hour movies stretched to 3 or more hours. But what if there’s a story whose twists and turns exceed the time constraints of the series? That’s when you get The Big Conn.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream The Big Conn exclusively on Apple TV+.