The Great – Season Two [2021]

The Great - Season 2

The Great is finally GREAT thanks to a great season two! Huzzah!

After what seems the slowest first season ever recorded in the history of television shows, Hulu’s The Great continues its revisionist reign stronger than before thanks to its addictive wit and marvelous cast.

Starring Elle Fanning as Catherine The great, this season takes us through the wonders of proving herself as the empress after pushing Peter (Nicholas Hoult) out with the help of a funny and eccentric entourage.

What allows this season to be better is simple: the cast found their footing. In the first installment, I found Hoult’s Peter to be repulsive. Yes, he’s as eccentric as you can be in this season, but for some reason, I felt for him. Even when I was laughing hard and loud. In addition, Fanning seems to really enjoy herself playing Catherine. She owned every minute of it, even when she hosts her mom, the most annoying mom you can ever imagine.

Played by the amazing Gillian Anderson, Joanna drops on her daughter to “advice” her ahead of childbirth. In what turns out to be one of the funniest couple of episodes, you get one twist after the other and I loved every single of it. Even when things went faster than they should have.

Hopefully, we get to see Caterine and Peter co-reign in a third season. Please Hulu, don’t cancel the show!

The Great – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

One of the funniest and most eccentric shows currently on television, The Great doesn’t take itself seriously, and that’s a wonderful thing. It allowed the cast to go crazy, in a clever way.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of The Great exclusively on Hulu in USA and on Prime Video in Canada.