The Last Kingdom – Season 5 [2022]

The Last Kingdom

The final season of The Last Kingdom on Netflix proves once again that Destiny is all!

Some viewers might think that events were rushed to tie up loose ends, but I certainly enjoyed watching Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his friends achieve greatness.

The final season of The Last Kingdom is fast paced, with a lot of great fight scenes. No more soapy drama: Just pure vengeance. We get to find out what happens with our amazing characters: Brida (Emily Cox), Pyrlig (Cavan Clerkin) ,and my favorite Finan (Mark Rowley).

Overall a very well executed series. Uhtred makes and breaks the show; and with this final season, he MAKES IT! All the characters and their personalities are fun to watch as they interact. The quality of the music, scenery and details makes the show more real. Season 5 has got to be one of if not the best so far. If you watch all seasons you can see how Uhtred’s character matured.

The Last Kingdom – Season 5 – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

There is too much to say about this season to write. One of the best final seasons for a series. Way better than Game Of Thrones’ ending. So to sum things up, it was worth the wait! Loved it. Now waiting for the movie!

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of The Last Kingdom exclusively on Netflix.