The Lincoln Lawyer – Season One [2022]

The Lincoln Lawyer - Season One

The Lincoln Lawyer is another Netflix adaptation that is fun to watch but lacks the essence of its true mission and format which is a legal show.

In fact, this Netflix adaptation by David E. Kelley’s relies too much on quirk and funny characters to cover its lack of true novelty. There’s nothing new to see here. And if it weren’t for the chemistry and talent of its cast, the show would have been a total fail.

Starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell & Becki Newton, the show is your standard legal dramady. Reminds me of ABC’s The Practice, or For The People, minus any social issues or commentary.

There is nothing particularly novel about the series and its execution, but the show still effectively delivers your fix of legal drama. What I have a problem with is that, even when our charismatic characters are in a life-or-death kind of danger, me, as a viewer, I didn’t believe it. It might be the direction, the visuals, or the script itself. Something wasn’t working for me enough to be invested in the outcome of those events.

Punchy in its writing and crunchy in its casting, The Lincoln Lawyer is entertaining, a Perry Mason, on diet, for our time. The show is fine, but it’s nothing special. It all makes for a remarkably easy series to binge and, despite the much better shows on television right now.

The Lincoln Lawyer – Season One – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Though the set-up is familiar, and the dialogue is worn out, The Lincoln Lawyer still works. The series delivers likable characters who are easy to root for as they stand up for the unfairly accused.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one of The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. Season two is coming soon.