The Offer – Season One [2022]

The Offer - Paramount+

Paramount Plus’ The Offer might have just made me a fan of The Godfather without even intending to. A brilliant limited series about the production of a classic movie mixed with a crash course on gangs and mafia.

Produced by Al Ruddy, the producer of the original The Godfather movie, The Offer highlights Ruddy’s experience of making the 1972 film with Francis Ford Coppola and his struggles to get the movie made while balance Paramount’s fumbles with the pressure of dealing with the actual American Italian mafia in New York.

History lesson aside, the series works on its own as a drama: the skill of the storytelling; the quality of the filmmaking and the performances; the shaping of the material; the ideas that reverberate through it. The series brings to us an almost unbelievable story. All kinds of authenticity going on here from the period perfect costumes and sets.

Must-see television. It would be an absolute crime to miss it even if you’ve never seen The Godfather. Miles Teller, Matthew Goode & Juno Temple are the glue that holds the show together and pushes it to great length to achieve an amazing show filled with history, drama, comedy, and gangsters.

The Offer – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

The Offer is a worthwhile watch even if it stumbles along the way with its storytelling. Filled with drama, comedy and gangs. The show is great even if you have no clue about the source material.

Where can I watch it?

The Offer is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+.