The Reluctant Traveler – Season One [2023] on AppleTV Plus

The Reluctant Traveler - Season One [2023] on AppleTV Plus

The Reluctant Traveler is anything but reluctant. With his impeccable comedy and charisma, Eugene Levy might have struck gold.

Yes, we’ve seen it before. A streaming platform sends a celebrity on an expensive trip and films it as a “documentary”. Been there, seen that. However, this one is different, and I do mean it. Levy’s charm is disarming. If anything, I saw myself in him and his many insecurities. Yes, it might all be an act, but it’s certainly a masterful one.

In fact, the show win us, the viewers, on two levels: We get to see some beautiful, exotic, fascinating pockets of our wonderful world, and we get to spend some quality time with Eugene Levy. Avuncular, self-deprecating and winningly low-key charming, Levy might well just become your new favourite guide to the what the world has to offer. He has certainly become mine, and I cant wait for season two.

And yes, nothing is perfect. The premise might get tiring after a bit unless the spice it up in the second season. Plus, the lavish resorts are enticing, but the show is easily at its best when Levy gets away from his wealth and interacts with the people at his destinations.

The Reluctant Traveler – Season One – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

As the endlessly entertaining Levy breathes new air and tastes new sensations, The Reluctant Traveler becomes a fine option for a streaming escape. I really enjoyed it and sometimes couldn’t stop laughing!

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream The Reluctant Traveler exclusively on AppleTV+.