The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season Two [2022]

The Sex Lives of College Girls - Season Two

The Sex Lives of College Girls is back with more of what made it great, and more of what made it sometimes cringy.

Even when the show hits some lows, it continues to excel as a refreshing twist on youthful indiscretions. Bawdy and sweet as ever, The Sex Lives of College Girls has enough charm and energy to make it easy to watch, if not compelling. The casting is good, so that the friends become both endearing and a bit more than the stereotypes they are written as in the first season.

In fact, while I appreciate the show for attempting to tackle the blatant inequalities present in collegiate environments on every single level, it’s the unadulterated fun that makes the show worth sticking around for.

However, while there is sex and they are on a college campus, some of the humor and new stories fall flat when compared to the show’s first outing. We replaced a three episodes story about egg donation with wage gaps that was rushed into half an episode. That’s just one of many examples in this season.

The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

The writers have found that sweet and comfortable spot that every comedy needs. Which, on the one hand, makes the series work quite well (mostly). On the other, it leaves you wanting them to go to the next level. Can’t wait for the third season.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream season one and two of The Sex Lives of College Girls exclusively on HBO Max in USA and on Crave in Canada.