The Traitors US – Season Two [2024] on Peacock/Crave Canada

The Traitors US Season 2

The Traitors US combines all the twists and turns and drama from every single US reality tv show into one. The result? Juicy entertainment without any real subsctence.

Alan Cumming is back! With a higher prize, and higher profile cast, the show takes the drama that worked from the first season and doubles down on it.

Let’s be honest. Peacock knows what they’re doing. As a struggling platform, they needed a win, and apparently, The Traitors US is it. So instead of sticking with the mix of celebrities and regular people for this season, they went all in.

The Bachelor, Survivor, Real Housewives, The Challenge, Big Brother, and more. All of those “reality tv” shows are represented by their biggest personalities. This whole new cast of reality television all stars are willing to do just about anything to stab each other in the back. The new season features new twists and turns, so even the audience will not know what is coming next.

The stakes have never been higher, and frankly, neither has the production value; from the playful, pre-recorded character B-roll to the precisely timed music cues, this season feels more meticulously crafted than ever.

However, we have to talk about the season finale. That episode alone has more drama, twists, and turns that all the Traitor franchises combined. And I have to admit that I loved it!

The Traitors US – Season Two – Official Trailer
Should You Watch It?

With its second season, Peacock’s The Traitors pits some of the most memorable (and duplicitous) personalities against each other using a formula that’s extremely dramatic and wickedly fun.

Where Can I Watch It?

You can stream both seasons of The Traitors US on Crave in Canada.