The Umbrella Academy – Season 3 [2022]

The Umbrella Academy - Season 3

With Season 3, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is showing signs of fatigue. And if I’m being honest, I’m bored.

In fact, in an obvious effort to spruce things up, the show unfurls a bit beyond a manageable scope in this overstuffed season. It’s just too many plots and sub-plots left and write to keep a track of. However, what remains untouched is all the gonzo creativity and resonant character relationships that fans enroll for.

This season of The Umbrella Academy is a dark, character-centric addition to the series that works thanks to a committed and mostly talented cast. And no thanks to the writing.

Three seasons in, the series is starting to fall into its own trap. While over crowding and thanks to potentially luck, some of the season’s best moments are the ones it never saw coming. The overall effect is of a season that mostly sticks the landing because of good luck.

What bothers me the post is the fact that even though we have 3 seasons of the show so far, it’s the same stupid story: The academy’s mis-behaving kids are trying to stop an apocalypse. There’s so much you can do to tell the same story over and over again.

In this installment, we get the most apocalyptic-y apocalypse ever, but it carries no real weight. Then when you find out what has to be done to save the universe, it just feels very underwhelming. Samurais, really?

The Umbrella Academy – Season 3 – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

In the end, season 3 is a mix of cute moments, a predictable plot, and some laughs. It’s an enjoyable watch, but easy to see the building blocks of the story and ultimately, feels like it falls flat. Which is why Netflix needs to pay attention if they plan to keep the franchise running.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of The Umbrella Academy exclusively on Netflix everywhere.