The White Lotus – Limited Series [2021]

The White Lotus - Limited Series

An interesting take on white privilege and what money can get you. However, The White Lotus could have benefited from better pacing.

So, what’s the show about? Set in a tropical resort, it follows the exploits of various guests and employees over the span of a week.

Unsurprisingly, the show highlights the different experiences between the guests and the staff. From the entitled newlywed brat to the rich middle-aged women having a mental breakdown. Each guest character takes advantage of the staff in a creepy and unique way.

But the award for most entitled guests goes to “Mossbacher” family (starring Connie Britton, Sydney Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Fred Hechinger) and their guest Paula (Brittany O’Grady). This is the definition of entitlement and “white savior” syndrome. Why would anyone drag their “friend” to a remote resort in Hawaii and treat them like trash other than to show-off? In addition, that family gets one of the staff in trouble for stealing!

On the other hand, a newlywed rich brat (played by Jake Lacy) causes even more trouble and gets away with it because his mom knows the owner of the resort.

The White Lotus wraps up tons of social commentary in a visually stunning art direction. The shooting locations are simply stunning. I just wish that the series had better pacing. Some episodes are just too slow. A couple of my friends stopped watching and I had to trick them into finishing those.

Finally, the only decent and severely under-estimated character is “Quinn Mossbacher” played by Fred Hechinger. Why? I’ll let you watch and figure it out. But I can tell you that I wish to do the same thing as he did.

The White Lotus – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

It took me a while to get interested in the show (2 episodes to be exact). But once you’re in, it’s a great. The White Lotus was supposed to be a “limited series”, and it’s designed that way. However, HBO already renewed it for a second season. Here’s for a sequel that’s better paced.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream The White Lotus on HBO Max in USA and Crave in Canada.