Tiny Beautiful Things – Limited Series [2023]

Tiny Beautiful Things

Tiny Beautiful Things will hit you when you’re the least expecting it. The series is a hidden gem about processing grief & trauma with amazing performances.

Starring the amazing Kathryn Hahn, the show is based on Cheryl Strayed’s 2012 collection of essays of the same name. It is clearly designed as a tearjerker. There is a recurring scene about a coat, the last gift Clare’s (Hahn) mother was to give her, which young Clare asks to return as she doesn’t like the color. Yes, the scene might be overplayed a bit, but it got me good. Great casting, exceptional story, and even better editing and production.

True to its name, the show is sensitive to the details. The series has a knack for zeroing in on moments too strange or specific to feel like anything but lived experience. Some are heartbreaking, like the argument Clare and Lucas have with a mortified funeral home assistant forced to explain that they’re legally required to find a pair of underwear for their mother’s body if they want an open casket.

Tiny Beautiful Things is what Firefly Lane promised us to be. A dark comedy about life, raising a child, grief, and what your life could have been if you went on a different path. Hahn gives a powerful performance that kept me going even when I wanted to cry my eyes out.

Tiny Beautiful Things – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Watching this show, you’ll either weep or storm out of the room in fury. The show has a clear perspective on how to live

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Tiny Beautiful Things exclusively on Hulu in USA and on Disney+ everywhere else.