Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Season Four [2023] on Prime Video

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Season Four [2023] on Prime Video

The final season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Prime Video will leave you questioning yourself for spending over six hours watching this trainwreck.

Is it a well-made final season? Maybe. Everything we loved about the first three seasons is thrown aside in favor of a darker, more boring, and globetrotting plot that is supposed to be a high stakes event, but certainly doesn’t feel like it.

In fact, the show runs right into a creative wall in its fourth season whose sole purpose seems to be to rehash classic spy tropes from previous seasons to set up a spin-off series for a beloved Clancy character. In typical Amazon fashion (pun intended), everything is a business case with creatives pushed to the side.

Thankfully, Krasinski continues to wonderfully embody the title character, commanding the scenes with charisma and intensity. While the story was predictable and downright boring, the characters did a fantastic job with what they were handed.

Honestly? The season feels a bit rushed with too many characters showing up out of nowhere. I couldn’t even keep track of who was who. It just jumped from one thing to another with no continuity.

After discussing the final season with a friend, he came up with the most concise review that summarized my feelings:

The writing is lazy. Minimal medium to long term conflict. Solution of the overall crime logistics/organization was weak.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Season Four – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Did we really need this season? Definitely not. Was it entertaining? Barely. There were too many convenient coincidences and stretches, and outcomes that were implausible, the result of lazy writing at least.

Where can I watch it?

Stream all seasons of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.