Trixie Motel [2022]

Trixie Motel

Discovery+ series Trixie Motel is cute and fun. And over produced. Like the drag queen herself.

A reality tv series about a real estate renovation. Groundbreaking, No.

Jokes aside, I’m happy to see drag queens branching out of their main career. Not everyone is made to keep dressing up every day until they’re 80. And Trixie knows it.

As a result, the RuPaul Drag Race winner is branching out and embracing capitalism. First was a pub, then it was a makeup line, and now? A motel in the gayest city in USA.

As for the show, it also helps that the show provides some value wrapped in a lot of products and celebrities’ placements. You won’t lose any brain cells watching it, but you won’t gain any.

You’ll get to see most of your favorites. Katya, Moe Heart, Brooklyn Hytes, very gay paint, and a lot more. Plus, Trixie makes sure to introduce new people to the world that not everyone knows. I’ll let you watch to know who I am talking about. You’ll also see the human behind Trixie and her partner. The lovely David <3.

Sadly, you need a Discovey+ subscription to watch the show. Which I don’t think will help people discover it. Pun intended.

Trixie Motel – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Would I be staying at the motel? Doubtful. Do I regret watching the series? Not at all.

Where can I watch it?

Trixie Motel is now streaming on Discovery+.