Two Weeks To Live [2020]

Two Weeks To Live

Maisie Williams is back on TV with Two Weeks to Live, a British 6 part (almost 30 min per episode) miniseries produced by SKY.

What is this series about? Kim Noakes (Maisie Williams) is a misfit who has been raised in almost total isolation “living off the grid” in rural Scotland for most of her life by her overprotective survivalist mother, Tina (Sian Clifford).

Doesn’t tell you much. Right?

I binge watched this show in less than a day and i was kind of disappointed.

The series sets up Kim as the blindsided innocent teen who think the world is ending in 2 weeks and looking to get revenge for her father’s murder. The reveal of Tina’s motivations (her mother) is rushed and not-quite convincing, while Kim’s feelings of betrayal lack texture and depth and fall flat and non-engaging for the viewer.

However, the series ends on an open-ended note. Even though SKY is promoting this show as a limited series, i have a feeling that we’re going to see at least another season (or 2). After all, emerging streaming platforms need a constant stream of content.

Two Weeks To Live – UK Trailer

Should you watch it?

If you’re looking for quirky dark bloody comedy, this is definitely for you.
The physical violence was well choreographed, but it took Clifford to give it the heft it needs to make it more enjoyable.

Where can I watch it?

Two weeks to live in produced by British broadcaster SKY, airing on HBO Max in USA and Crave in Canada.