Uncoupled – Season One [2022]


Uncoupled on Netflix is basically gay Sex and the city, in a clever way. A slow burn that turns perfect with lots of heart, laughs, and cries.

Not to say that it’s a perfect show. It’s not. Uncoupled tries to integrate the comedic thrills of modern dating with its more serious concerns: Aging, sex, prep, body dysmorphia, and a dysfunctional gay culture in general. And it mostly works thanks to its stars Neil Patrick Harris & Tisha Campbell.

What I really love about this power co-working couple is that they don’t take themselves seriously. They’re here for each other in their difficulties. And the show’s premise is a huge down for NPH’s character: His partner dumps him after a seventeen-year long relationship.

Uncoupled hits the tonal sweet spot for this kind of show. It’s a journey that feels authentic, painful, alarming, and yet funny at times, and shines a light on the warm hug of friendship. Neil Patrick Harris is so effortlessly charming, so darn huggable that it’s easy to neck it all down in one like a strawberry smoothie. And I did that. Somehow, I managed to binge the whole show in a single afternoon. #NoRegrets.

More real estate porn and dirty martinis, please.

Uncoupled – Season One – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

Uncoupled goes down easy… and makes for an frictionless weekend binge that will make you feel loved and want to hug your friends.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Uncoupled exclusively on Netflix everywhere.