WeCrashed – Limited Series [2022]


“Delusional” is the word that comes to mind after watching WeCrashed. Multiple entities were delusional enough to even allow the WeWork mess to happen.

Starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway as Adam & Rebekah Neumann, WeCrashed attempts to serialize the rise and fall of WeWork, or better known as The We Company now. However, without even knowing anything about the supposed power couple, or WeWork itself, it was obvious to me after two episodes that deception and delusion is going to be at the center of the story.

In fact, the show focuses more on the love story and how it drove Adam and WeWork. The greed-filled rise and inevitable fall & the narcissists whose chaotic love made it all possible. And I’m not talking just about the Newmans.

No, I won’t be talking about the actor’s performance in the series. I’m not a fan of Hathaway, but she carries this series on her own. Leto felt more like an accessory instead of a main character.

As crazy, delusional, and narcissist as the Newmans might be, they couldn’t have achieved anything if they weren’t enabled by people in power. People with money.

In general, the series is a bit like the neon “Hustle Harder” signs that adorn the WeWork offices we see: flashy but vague. Yes, the Newmans kept pushing harder, but as Leto’s Adam mentions in one of the last scenes: the board knew and approved everything. Greed & capitalism got in the way of ethics and logic.

However, Rebekah is straight up delusional. Watch the show and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

WeCrashed – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

If Super Pumped – The Battle For Uber highlights the narcist and enabled egocentric founder, WeCrashed is most definitely about the delusional one. Sadly, both were enabled by greed and investors wanting to ride a fictional character: A Unicorn.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream WeCrashed exclusively on Apple TV+.