We’re Here – Season Three [2022]

We're Here - Season Three

We’re Here is back with a bang. With more heartfelt and powerful stories, the show is more groundbreaking than ever. Can’t wait for more.

HBO is back with a new and rejuvenated season of We’re Here that can only be described as Queer Eye with teeth. Unapologetically queer, the show dives deeper into the conservative lands of USA and ends on a 2-episodes emotional high note from Florida. Just watch it.

Without getting into details, the show switches quantity with quality. Being the shortest season so far, HBO producers chose to make an impact and a statement with the season. The three queens (Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka O’Hara) dove deeper and sometimes put themselves in personal danger in order to support their queer family. From Texas to Florida, the show became its best possible version with this season.

Season 3 is more defiant and important than ever. We’re Here is on the front line, quite literally facing down LGBTQ+ hate on the streets. Give us more!

We’re Here – Season Three – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

But countering the increasing adversity in USA, the show remains a beacon of hope and celebration. It’s always been a cathartic watch, and it’s one we really need right now.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of We’re Here exclusively on HBO MAX in USA and Crave in Canada.