White House Plumbers – Limited Series [2023] on HBO/Max/Crave Canada

HBO's White House Plumbers

Watching White House Plumbers was fun as hell, but my head hurts from all the facepalms I did every time Hunt & Liddy did something stupid. Who breaks into the same office four times?!

Starring Woody Harrelson & Justin Theroux, the show obviously takes the comedic route when it comes to Watergate. However, regardless of how ridiculous some of the events described in this show, it’s very believable compared to today’s events in politics, worldwide.

Honestly? It’s not a serious show. It is a farce that recognizes the Watergate scandal as a political tragedy that has acquired the requisite historical distance to turn it into amiable, if not electric, comedy. Woody Harrelson, who also produced, is terrific and very funny as Hunt. But Justin Theroux is almost too good as Gordon Liddy. His role is any actor’s dream, and Theroux seizes it with both hands. He should stop doing drama and move to comedy.

However, I wanted more. It’s frustrating because the series even demonstrates the heights it can reach. But as a portrait of a vintage scandal that had a lot of extremely ridiculous people and details attached to it, White House Plumbers is absolutely aces.

HBO’s White House Plumbers – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

No matter how bizarrely the story develops, the fiction still probably goes nowhere near the truth. Crazy days, crazy people. It is a fun show to watch.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream HBO’s White House Plumbers exclusively on Max in USA and Crave in Canada.