Oslo [2021]

Oslo is one of the rare productions to manage an almost objective perspective on the middle eastern conflict while recounting true-life events.

Made For Love [2021]

Made For Love is made for…. being bored. If it wasn’t for Cristin Milioti and a bit of Ray Romano, it would have been the worst show of 2021 so far.

TINA [2021]

Standing at almost two hours long, TINA tells the story of Tina Turner in chronological chapters mixing footage from a new interview with archival tapes.

Allen v. Farrow [2021]

Allen V. Farrow will not be the one stopping Woody Allen’s career. But if half of what’s presented in this four-parts HBO documentary is true, the public pressure should not stop until it does.

Mrs. Fletcher [2019]

Mrs. Fletcher is definitely an explicit series. Kathryn Hahn who plays Eve is a divorcée and is undergoing a mid-life crisis.