Infinite [2021]

Forcing Infinite to be streaming only didn’t help it case. And this movie needs a lot of help.

Godzilla vs Kong [2021]

In the ultimate battle to become the alpha of the Titans, Godzilla vs Kong brings amazing cinematography to an otherwise, basic story.

Jolt [2021]

Despite a crackling premise and a star who’s always ready for action, Jolt never manages to deliver much more than a mild buzz.

Call Me By Your Name [2017]

Call Me by Your Name offers a sad but powerful portrait of first love. However, I’m not sure it deserved all the buzz it generated back in 2017.

Respect [2021]

An overdue RESPECT to the queen of soul Aretha Franklin. It’s definitely an OSCAR contender.

Free Guy [2021]

Combining a smart concept with a sweet and self-aware humor, Free Guy is frivolous fun with some amazing cameos.