One Minute Reviews

It’s A Sin – Miniseries [2021]

“It’s a Sin” is a miniseries you’re going to want to watch: bold, witty, and wrenching AIDS Drama. It’s a chronicle of four friends during a decade in which everything changed, including the rise of AIDS. Created by Russel T Davis (Queer As Folk), the series starts in London early […]

Papillon [2018]

Don’t get me wrong, the actors (all of them, not just Charlier and Rami) were great. But this version of the movie falls a tiny bit behind the 1973 one.

Soul [2020]

With Soul, Pixar has raised the bar so high. Just when I thought that “inside out” was one deep film, Soul comes shattering that idea.

Schitt’s Creek [2015-2020]

My Dear “Be-be”s, give Schitt’s Creek a chance! It keeps on getting better! Please don’t end! I want more! Those were my exact words after watching the final season. Schitt’s creek, a pure Canadian show, (of six seasons) tackles the story of “the Rose” family, (Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis) […]

Dollface [2019]

“Hide the di***!” Kat Dennings is a comedy treasure! I have no idea why it took me over a year to even know that this show exists.

Two Weeks To Live [2020]

Maisie Williams is back on TV with Two Weeks to Live, a British 6 part (almost 30 min per episode) miniseries produced by SKY.

Anna [2019]

Writer and director Luc Beson does it again. A smart action movie with a great cast and endless (good) plot twists that keep you engaged for the whole 2h long movie. Anna Poliatova (Sasha Luss) is a strikingly beautiful Russian with a secret that will make her one of the […]

Listen [2017]

Listen! Finally, a decent Lebanese movie that is not about the civil war and it’s not a complete joke.

Greenland [2020]

Gerard Butler is here to save the world once again. But this science fiction thriller achieves a small impact compared to its “extinction level” comets.

Firefly Lane [2021] – Netflix

Firefly Lane is a Netflix original series based on the book of the same name. Season 1 spans across ten episodes, and it’s one of the most bingeable series on Netflix. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah. Shot in Vancouver British Columbia, this […]