Lucifer – Season 6 [2021]

Lucifer - Season 6

If the devil can’t be redeemed, no one can. Lucifer is back with a bang to wrap up the show with its best season by far.

After the mixed reviews of the fifth season and the sudden extension to a sixth (and final) one, I was a bit skeptical regarding how they’re going to extend the story. After all, we already met the devil’s extended family and their drama. Dan died, Chloe already got her kiss and Lucifer became God. So, what possible plot would need ten more episodes?

Apparently, I was wrong. The sixth season of Lucifer can be easily considered his best one yet. To be honest, the plot of this season didn’t make sense in the beginning, but halfway thru, it’s one of its best. Yes, we get to see another celestial family member, but we also get to see growth, love, pain, and evolution. The devil finally deals with his abandonment issues, as well as his daddy issues. It’s clear that some things haven’t been resolved yet. In addition, we also get to see Tom Ellis at his best: Musical performances, Drag Queens, Animation plugins, and much more.

This is the craziest season and the most fun I had watching Lucifer since its first one. Who says that devils can’t be redeemed? Lucifer finally understands that he’s meant for more than just torturing souls in Hell.

Lucifer – Season 6 – Official Final Trailer
Should you watch it?

Are you a fan of the show? You know what? It’s doesn’t matter. The final season of Lucifer is a wild ride and probably the show’s best season ever.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream all seasons of Lucifer exclusively on Netflix.