Infinite [2021]

Infinite Movie 2021

Forcing Infinite to be streaming only didn’t help it case. And this movie needs a lot of help.

Let me just say this: Infinite is as inane as it is inconsequential. The movie started as an intriguing sci-fi thriller, and not even halfway, it turns into an incoherent mess.

In fact, the visuals are great, but things get increasingly derivative as they progress. The movie has some extremely limited things going for it. A supposedly good lead (Mark Wahlberg), decent visuals, and that’s it.

To be frank, the core issue here is that the movie shouldn’t have been greenlit. Even though the plot sounds interesting (who doesn’t like a sci-fi story about re-incarnation?), the writers and director messed it up heavily. I can honestly say that they made it brainless. The only skills the reincarnated team of assassins retain are fighting skills, leaving any provocative questions about transmigration unaddressed and any interesting ideas unexplored.

I’ll give points for artfully crafted action sequences and a handful of bold casting choices with the newcomers, but beyond that, the movie is decidedly, whole-heartedly below average.

Infinite – Official Trailer
Should you watch it?

I wouldn’t wish this movie for my ennemies. An incoherent mess that was forced to be a streaming only movie, and for good reasons. However, I expected better from Mark Wahlberg.

Where can I watch it?

You can stream Infinite exclusively on Paramount+.