Greenland [2020]

Greenland Movie

Gerard Butler is here to save the world once again. But this science fiction thriller achieves a small impact compared to its “extinction level” comets.

If you like to see the world burn in what some people call a “popcorn movie”, Greenland does the job. Almost.

Running at 1h 59min, Greenland feels a bit too long for its own good. The main plot of the movie according to IMDB is that “A family struggles for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster”. That’s all great, but we’ve seen a LOT of those movies in the last 3 years alone. Some even from Butler himself.

Greenland [2020] – Trailer

John Garrity (Gerard Butler) is a structural engineer going thru a rough patch in marriage. He goes home one day and gets an alert that he was picked to get into a shelter by the president of the United States as a result of an “extinction level” event happening worldwide. He picks up his wife and kid, heads to the designated point, and… the movie falls downhill from there.

Kid has a medical history, so he’s not eligible, family gets separated, minor irrelevant twists on the road of reuniting again, happy ending.

The movie is a bit too long due to the irrelevant and “filler” events that happen. It’s like the “John Wick” producer forgot what made that franchise’s success, saw the director cut and said “oh, we need it to be more than 1h45, find something to do for 20 min”.

Should you watch it?

If you want something to watch on a date night with your partner and while not having to worry about missing something (we both know why it’s called “Netflix & Chill”), this is a great movie for that.

Where can I watch it?

This movie is currently available on Prime Video as part of your Amazon Prime subscription.